Open House Schedule

One of True Colors’ roles in the Safe Harbor Project is to identify safe and affirming homes for LGBT youth who are not able to live with their own families.

True Colors hosts a monthly open house in our offices (second Tuesday of the month beginning at 5:30 PM) but will also meet with interested individuals, couples and families by appointment.

Please call or email for details or to RSVP (required): (8600 232-0050, x 302 or [email protected].

Youth who currently need loving homes:


Ilyssa is still waiting.  She is 14 years old. Ilyssa would love to stay in the Newtown area (she has siblings there) and really wants a single parent. She would love, love, love to be their only child. Ilyssa is a young lady who has shown resiliency through troubling times in her life.  She is a sports fanatic who is full of energy and loves to be outdoors.  Her main passions are lacrosse and field hockey however she has the patience for golf and likes to ride her bike.  Ilyssa’s larger-than-life personality makes up for her petite frame.  For more information about Ilyssa, please contact Jane Pertillar, (860) 550-6678 or Email Jane Pertillar 


Jessie is 18 and has been in DCF care for most of her life. She is currently living in Bridgeport and going to school in Hamden. (She has another year before she graduates.)  I asked her how I should describe her to a potential foster parent. She said she is ‘loving, smart, fashionable, talented, fun to be around and helpful.” She wants a foster parent who is understanding, supportive and patient and someone who is a good listener. Jessie can be shy until she gets to know and trust you. For more information about Jessie, please email or call Robin at (860) 2322-0050, ext 302.


Oliviais 13.  Here is what the social worker said about her: We are looking to do special recruitment in order to find a foster family for Olivia who can be licensed by a therapeutic foster care agency.  Solnit South is recommending a single male or two male parents as the best “match” for Olivia.  In trying to think outside of the box, I wondered if you know of anyone through your organization who might be interested in providing foster care or if you could suggest a way to recruit a family through your organization.  I could provide you with much more information if you feel this is something you can assist with.  Any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated. For more information on Olivia, please email or call Robin at (860) 2322-0050, ext 302.


Samuel is a 15 year old African American male who was committed to DCF several years ago. He has been diagnosed with Mood Disorder NOS and ADHD.  He just came out about his sexuality in January of this year and that he started wearing makeup in February. In each of his placements it was noted that it often appears that he is engaging in behaviors to get attention, more so that actually intending to make a poor choice. He has admitted that he likes to get attention and there are times where he does not care whether it is positive or negative.  Samuel would do best in a therapeutic foster home.  For more information about Samuel, please email or call Robin at (860) 2322-0050, ext 302.


13-year old Adam is a typical teenager that loves video games, but he just needs a family to play them with.  News 8’s Chris Velardi went with Adam to Claypen, a paint-your-own pottery studio in West Hartford. Adam likes to paint, draw, swim and play video games. “Adam’s very fun, he’s energetic, he’s inquisitive, he’s playful, he’s caring, he’s understanding — he’s just all-around a really good kid,” DCF social worker Leslie Spencer. Right now Adam is living in a group home, but he would love his new family to be big. “I would pick, I would pick a mommy and a daddy, two sisters and cats and dogs,” he said. If you are interested in adopting Adam or learning more about becoming a foster parent, please call 800-842-6348