Queer Academy

Queer Academy is a seven-week summer program designed for queer youth leaders in the Greater Hartford area. This program will provide a range of activities designed to empower attendees as community leaders and social justice activists.

During the program, youth will meet various community organizers, research specific areas of interest, engage in numerous activities, and create multiple presentations. Participants will explore the intersections of their identities, histories, and social movements through these experiences. Each week focuses on a different theme and ends with a related field trip, which can be to somewhere as close as Hartford or as far away as New York City!


The program starts on Wednesday, July 5th. Programming runs from 10 AM to 4 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; Fridays are field trip days and times will vary depending on location. Transportation (via van or public transportation) is provided from the program space to the field trip location and back on Fridays.

Apply now! Applications, available HERE, are due by June 8th!

Here are some of the things you can expect to do at Queer Academy:

  • EXPLORE YOUR IDENTITY. Self-discovery is woven into much of the programming!
  • BUILD A COMMUNITY. Queer Academy is a group program, and just about every part of it has a social component.
  • VISIT CONNECTICUT COLLEGES. During College Week, we will visit several campuses around the state and learn about queer student life on those campuses while we work on our research projects.
  • LEARN THROUGH WORKSHOPS. Workshops will cover a variety of topics, and will be presented by both Queer Academy staff and outside experts!
  • ATTEND FIELD TRIPS. Once a week, Queer Academy will take the program on the road for some hands-on learning experience!
  • CREATE ARTWORK. Local artists will work with Queer Academy attendees to create their own original artwork that ties into the program’s themes.
  • LEARN THROUGH RESEARCH. Every attendee will explore a topic of their choosing with support from Queer Academy staff and community members.
  • PRESENT WHAT YOU’VE LEARNED. At the Presentation of Learning, attendees will share their research project with the community.
  • SHARE A PERFORMANCE. At our Draguation ceremony, attendees will share an original performance piece, which can include song, dance, drag, poetry, or something else!


  • Thursday, June 8th: applications due (by email, fax, or mail)
  • Wednesday, July 5th: Queer Academy program starts in Hartford
  • Friday, August 18th: Presentation of Learning (research share-out)
  • Sunday, August 20th: Draguation ceremony (performance share-out and graduation)