GSA Newsletter

GSA Newsletters go out to every advisor on our mailing list, which you can join by clicking here. These newsletters give GSAs a chance to connect with True Colors and each other, learn about upcoming events, and hear about awesome things GSAs are doing across the state. Every newsletter includes a calendar of our events, a list of important dates and holidays in that month, a GSA Highlight, and our GSA Advisor(s) of the month. You can read this month’s Highlight and Advisor of the Month below; click here to read about the highlighted GSAs and Advisors of past months!


Every month, True Colors hopes to highlight one or two different GSAs from around the state. In doing this, we hope to support GSAs in sharing ideas and connecting with one another. This month, we are highlighting two GSAs who attended our GSA summit in Winsted on September 30th!

The Gilbert School GSA on Leadership Positions and Middle School Support

While many GSAs are run by a President or even two Co-Presidents, others are run by an entire board of student leaders. The Gilbert School’s GSA leadership includes a secretary position and a position dedicated just to fundraising. This GSA has also made their meetings available to students of the attached middle school, which has helped to create community and provide support to the middle school youth.

Northwestern Regional High School GSA on Scheduling

School GSAs often meet at the same time as several other student clubs, which can unfortunately impact attendance negatively. The GSA at Northwestern Regional High School observed this and sought to make their club more accessible to students with scheduling conflicts. The group now meets one Tuesday per month and one Wednesday per month, which gives GSA members more flexibility if they belong to other groups that meet at the same time!


Gabby Bagot – True Colors Public Ally

  1. Why did you choose to be the Public Ally with True Colors? 

I chose to be a Public Ally at True Colors because I love to make a difference. I have constantly fought oppression in many ways in my community. I started in high school when I created and facilitated an anti-bullying curriculum for 1st – 5th graders. My interest in social justice continued through college and into my jobs after college.

  1. What do you do when you’re not at work?

When I am not working at True Colors, I am looking for something fun to do with my friends such as going to events in Hartford, going out to eat, shopping, etc. I also like to volunteer my time when I am able to do so without taking up a lot of my self-care time.

  1. Tell us about what you’re most looking forward to this school year.

This school year I am looking forward to learning from the youth at True Colors. I have only been here for a month and I have already learned a lot from them. I am also looking forward to interacting with people at True Colors events and working with school GSA’s.

  1. Other than queer youth, who else do you ally for?

I stand with Black Lives Matter because I am African American and it disgusts me how people of color are still being treated. I ally for youth in poverty because I grew up in poverty and I am still working hard to get out of it.