True Colors Annual Conference

True Colors 25: March 16 & 17, 2018 is now in the history books.  Were you one of the 3,482 people who participated?  Love to get your feedback.  

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High Schools:  128                    Middle Schools: 9     Colleges: 18                States: 11
Workshops: 225                        Volunteers:  258         Presenters:  325
Participants:                              Friday:  2,678               Saturday:   804         Total: 3,482

Last year’s Conference Guide is available to check out the workshops.
Hit the conference guide link below!


Conference Testimonials

I could compose 13,000 tweets about how much I love True Colors and all the people & performers there

I’ve never felt as proud as I am today to be bisexual I was surrounded by so much positivity and great, understanding people

So excited to have been the true me at #TrueColors23

The one time in my life I’ve felt truly accepted #TrueColors23

#TrueColors23 was supa lit yesterday. The reason I keep coming back

I was feeling low, so they took my hand. We’re one family #TrueColors23

Loving how accepted, happy, and loved my students feel when we come here every year!!!

I recently attended the conference at UConn and was blown away at what an amazing conference it was. Thank you for all the wonderful workshops, speakers, and useful information.

A* LOVED True Colors! It is so great to hear about his experience. I am so happy to hear that you were able to take him this past weekend-it is a great experience for him!