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Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We have a limited number of slots available on a first come-first serve basis. True Colors reserves the right to accept, or not accept any application for volunteers.

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The success of the True Colors conference depends a great deal on our volunteers. We couldn’t put on this incredible event without YOU! As you think about volunteering remember that a lot depends on you! You are vitally important not just to True Colors, but to the youth and adults who attend the conference! Your smile, your efforts, your willingness to ‘go beyond the call’ can make (or break) a participant’s experience.


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Volunteers work a minimum of three hours per shift each day that they attend the conference (though some folks put in their six hours on the days before the conference and then get to go to the entire event for free!)

During your work shift and anytime you are wearing the Staff T-shirt, YOU ARE TRUE COLORS.  We need to know that we can COUNT ON YOU to take on that responsibility and to do your best to make sure that EVERY PARTICIPANT has the best conference experience ever! 

Before filling out your volunteer application, please review our:

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