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True Colors Annual Conference

Inclusion is a primary value for True Colors. As a result, we make every effort to ensure that every youth who wants to participate in our annual conference is able to – whether they have the money for their registration costs or not.

There are three ways that individuals or schools can get costs reduced:
  1. Become a conference volunteer! For every shift you volunteer (Thursday, Friday and Saturday are broken into 3 hour volunteer shifts), you get one day of the conference free! This is a win-win choice; it helps us and it helps you! Interested? Fill out a volunteer form here. Keep in mind that serving as a volunteer is a rewarding job that requires quite a bit of responsibility. It is expected that everyone serves their assigned job for their entire shift with positivity and enthusiasm. Note that there are a LIMITED number of volunteer slots, so please fill out the volunteer form early.   

  2. Submit a Workshop that is selected (two presenters are free and up to 2 additional presenters are half price)

  3. Request a Conference Scholarship* to cover up to 50% of the cost of registration and/or transportation for your group. 

The due date for scholarship applications is
Saturday, January 27, 2017 or until the money runs out;

*Funded by the generous support of the Connecticut Commission on Children




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